Leadership: Client Success Story

Barbara, a lead consultant with a major consulting firm, was at the end of her rope.  Barbara’s work was her life; she consistently worked 60-hour weeks despite her bosses’ prodding to take more time off. As a proclaimed perfectionist, she did most of the work herself.  She had tried delegating without success; her relationship with her support staff was barely functional.

Because of her high level of expertise, Barbara’s boss wanted her to handle the division’s large, new clients, but she was unable to handle her current load, much less any additional work.

As her coach, I asked Barbara the tough questions that she was unwilling to ask herself. Barbara loved the challenge of those tough questions and the way they made her stretch and look at issues from new perspectives. She soon became intrigued with strategizing and implementing new ways to lead her staff.

Barbara has now claimed all but two hours of her weekends to devote to her personal life. Her relationship with her support staff is mutually supportive and based on mutual respect. She produces more, in less time and has been able to take on new clients and still leave work each day at a reasonable hour.

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