What Clients Say

"I am currently VP and ISO 9001 Management Representative for Arbor Education and Training, a $70,000 division of ResCare (RSCR, Nasdaq). Two years ago, Arbor was up for sale and I contacted Melinda for coaching on how to survive the upcoming changes. I began regular coaching sessions with Melinda who provided enormous help during this transitional period as Arbor was purchased by ResCare.

Melinda helped me think through personal and business issues, helped me prepare for important meetings, helped me manage my time and priorities, and even helped me deal with family matters.

Melinda's coaching services have been consistent, professional, and practical. Her depth and breadth of experience is apparent, and she draws on a strong business background. I will use her services again for help in problem solving, strategic positioning, or interpersonal relationships."

David M. Saunders, Vice President, Arbor Education and Training

"My career coaching program with Melinda was a wonderful experience that encouraged me to realize my full potential. She brought clarity to my confusion over my career path and the encouragement to attain my goal. She was supportive, challenging, thought-provoking but never critical throughout the entire process.

With each sessions there were new challenges and encouragement. It was extremely helpful to me to be able to reach out to Melinda at any time through email with any questions that would come up between sessions. To Melinda, coaching is not just a job, she is truly committed to her client's success."

Barbara Ahearn, Employee Benefits Consultant

"Since she started working with our teams, I'm seeing people work better together, be more tolerant of differences. They see the big picture and understand what they do impacts the bottom line for everybody. We're very pleased."

Sharon Storm, Human Resources Manager,
national insurance company

"I had been thinking and dreaming about growing my sole-proprietorship into a larger company for over a year, but never seemed to be able to take the steps I needed to take to make it happen. Largely as a result of Melinda's coaching, I was able to clarify my goals and begin to take action. I now have several subcontractors working for my company, and I expect to increase my earnings substantially this year. I heartily endorse Melinda Condray to anyone who wants to 'take the next step'."

Katherine Trezise, President, Absolutely Organized, LLC

"Before you can change what you do, you have to learn how to change what you THINK. After 20 years of reading self-help books and making slow progress on the goals I had for myself, I finally decided to give coaching a try. It has been the best thing I have done for my business.

Melinda has a style that is both professional and enthusiastic, and is never judgmental. This makes our sessions feel personal and non-threatening, but also encourages me to constantly keep reaching outside of the proverbial 'box.'

The unexpected payoff of my coaching sessions is that now I feel intimately and successfully connected with every aspect of my life, and not just my business. It has been a wonderful journey, and I am now continuing my sessions to become a more effective leader for my new team of consultants. This has been a gift that I simply must pass on to them. I would highly recommend starting coaching with Melinda to anyone who desires to be more effective and fulfilled in all of their endeavors."

Carol Stover, Executive Area Manager
Arbonne International

"I was working 60 to 70 hours a week and was VERY UNHAPPY...I didn't like my job/ the company I worked for/ or the people I worked with...I resented having to spend so much time at my job and less time on my personal life...Melinda helped me focus on setting some boundaries. At first I didn't know how to fill up all my spare time but Melinda helped me re-discover some fun things in my life that I had forgotten I enjoyed...this lead me to exploring my creative side...

I also had no goals...where would I be in 5 years? in 10 years?...I now have a plan and it feels much better to be working towards something than just sort of bumping along...

Overall, I'm much happier knowing where I'm headed and that I can still have fun along the way...THANKS MELINDA!"

Joyce Freeman, Senior Account Manager, Employee Benefits

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"To Melinda coaching is not just a job, she is truly committed to her client's success."

Barbara Ahearn, Employee Benefits Consultant