Business Assessment

Rate Your Business on the 4 Cornerstones of Business Success

Directions: Think about your company's performance and answer Yes (this is true for my company) or No (this is not true for my company) to the following statements.

Focus on Profitability

Yes No The company's products and services are priced for profitability, not to break even.
Yes No The company has a reputation for great service; every employee meets or exceeds our service standards, which attracts repeat business and referrals.
Yes No Budget variances are recorded, analyzed and managed.
Yes No The company has a clearly defined target market and has a continuous presence within that market.


Yes No Services and products are packaged so they produce a stream of income, not just a one-time sale.
Yes No Business processes are regularly evaluated to assess whether they are producing results, and changes are made accordingly.
Yes No Shifts and trends in the market are regularly monitored and evaluated, and adjustments are made accordingly.
Yes No Clients are regularly asked for their feedback, which is used as a catalyst for change.

Strategic Planning & Thinking

Yes No The Business Plan is being used, measured against and updated at least quarterly
Yes No Quarterly planning meetings are conducted with managers and staff.
Yes No Sales projections are prepared and performance is frequently measured against the forecast.
Yes No Operations are efficient and effective; issues and problems are elevated and immediately resolved.


Yes No Every employee understands not just what they are required to do, but why they are doing it; they fully understand how their performance impacts bottom-line results.
Yes No Every employee is focused on improving; there are no discipline problems.
Yes No

Staff accountabilities are written and clear; evaluations are conducted quarterly.

Yes No Staff are proud of their work and operate as a team.


Add up the number of Yes answers.

If your total of Yes answers is 15-16, Congratulations! You are well positioned for success. Keep up the great work!

If your total of Yes answers is 13-14, You are in a good position, but could still use improvement.

If your total of Yes answers is 10-12, You have some work ahead to shift your company to being profitably sustaining.

If your total of Yes answers is 9 or less, You have many areas to focus on to build a strong foundation for your business.

When it comes to our business, we have great intentions but frequently get sidetracked by daily operations. That's one of the greatest values of business coaching - it helps you stay on track and moving steadily toward your big picture every day.

Whether you want to make improvements to many areas of your business or just need some fine-tuning, call us today for your complimentary consultation so you can make a wise decision about Business Coaching.

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